We've got some rain.

It's raining. And it has been raining since last night. When I got off work and started my bike ride home it started and it's been raining non stop since then! 

Yesterday was a bad day. I broke my phone, my amazing water bottle and it was raining. and I thought I broke my bike too, but they could easily fix whatever was wrong with it at the bikefixingplace. :) 

And hopefully the phonefixingplace can fix my phone today. Thanks to some of the amazing people I've met here I hopefully have it, fixed, by 7 pm tonight. (I'm pretty sure I'll have to eat noodles every day for the rest of the month now tho) 

Anyway. This morning, bcs of the rain, I decided to take the bus to town instead of my bike. It's too cold, wet and it's too slippery to ride the bike, and I was tired! I waited and waited and waited, after 35 minutes the bus showed up, and I got to town right on time :) #happyswedishfish 

Hopefully the weather will get better but it's not looking bright on the forecast unfortunately. But hey, I have a jacket! 


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