Homesick as never before

I've told you about this before. But it reached new levels. I know I've always said that if you go out do things and just stop thinking about home you won't be homesick. But I am, and I can't do a thing bout it. And that drives me crazy. The worst thing is that it only gets worse for every day... 

But I think I've realized why I'm homesick. Greece is first of all a lot like home, except the heat. I can find almost any Swedish things I miss, except the ones I miss the most. My friends and family! It's been a hard time since I got here, I haven't made any close friends that I can hang out with like I do at home. And I think this is the reason I miss Sweden so badly. 

Also, one other thing hit me yesterday. While I was following a friend of mine finishing an iron man in Idaho, USA. Which was an awesome experience for me. I don't know what to say, I'm
Impressed. Congrats! I miss swimming, and I miss all the hours I spent by the pool with my boys. And not just. This I miss the atmosfear at the pool where I used to work, I miss my friends from there and I miss all the laughs. 

A blogger wrote about being homesick a while ago, sorry about this but it'll be in Swedish. 

Känn och våga känn, gråt, ring någon där hemma - men glöm inte att gå ut igen och hitta på saker. Fånga landet du är i, knyt vänskapsband och kontakter, lär dig allt du kan. Hemma finns kvar när du är redo för det. 

With those words (use google translate if you don't speak Swedish ;)) I'm gonna fight for this summer to be not the best because it's hard to beat the one in Seattle but for it to be a good one. Thanks Jennifer! 

THE beach

Compared to all the other times I've lived close to the beach in a warm country this is the first time I'm actually enjoying it a hundred percent and I go to the beach and spend hours there. (And I'm pretty sure I'm the only guide here that goes to the beach as soon as you get more than two hours off from work) 

Today I tried a new beach, and I found my place, THE beach. It is amazing! It's called agia marina and it's a small place with fifty sunbeds maybe :) 

I have one word, amazing! 

While I spent my day off on the beach I had to tell two Greek boys (kids) that they can't throw sand on my, the first time I told the in a nice tone, the second time also (believe it or not) BUT the third time I got crazy. Their mum say right next to me and she didn't do anything! Oh my! I think everybody at the beach was looking at me, but I don't care. They stopped and that's all I wanted :) I also had to save a baby from drowning. He's parents just let him play and they drank beer. This little boy was 2-3 years old and he fell in the water and couldn't get up and the parents didn't see him. I'm glad I did! 

The ocean

I definitely love living this close to the ocean and I have no idea how I'll be able to move away from the water. 

The first thing I see in the morning is the ocean. And the last thing I see before I go to sleep is the ocean. 

I've made a deal with myself. I have to swim everyday. And it's amazing, even if it's a little cold still. But after a few minutes you get used to it.  

Today I spent almost half an hour in the ocean and I feel great now. 

Today I brought a friends daughter and her friend with me. 

Last week I brought my mum to the beach (or actually she brought me to the beach) 

Flat tire

Oh my. An other flat tire. I have no idea what's going on, but this is the forth time I get a flat tire since I got here two months ago, and I've never had one before. This time it was on the car and it took 2 hours for someone to come help me fix it. (So now how to change a tire is on the lost of what I need to learn this winter, I hope I have time before my trip to South America) 

Island tour

This morning I signed a contract for the rental car to take my mum around the island (and myself). We drove around the whole thing, and it took the whole day :) 

It all started with that I forgot my glasses at home so that we had to turn around and go back home. We started again and drove to Tsambika to see if I could get my bikini back that I forgot there last week, they didn't have it so we drove away and headed towards Prasonissi, the southest (?) part of Rhodes. We were expecting something amazing, but it was just dirty... And full of kite surfers ;) I like it a lot! Maybe that's where I'm gonna take the class :) 
Prasonissi is a sandbank, 1 km, before you get to a small island. 

After Prasonissi we went all the way up to Monolithos. There's an amazing view and a monastery. We also stoped to buy some peanuts from Theodor (the guy we stopped with the last time I went around the island) 

In the church we lit some candles for our family, and my colleague and her husband. That's an other interesting thing, I would never go to church in Sweden, but here I visit all churches I find and I always light candles for my family and friends! 

We ended our day in Ancient Kamiros, which is a town that was abandoned a looong time ago. 

And after a hot walk there we went to the beach for the daily swim! Today it was really really really cold! 

And I have to show you... When we drove in to town after we had dinner the ocean was amazing! 

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