Hopped on a boat

And I ended up here... 

Chalki! What an amazing place. 

Tuesday it was time for me and my colleague (still no names) to hop on a boat and go explore the island next to Rhodes. Or atleast one of them, chalk I is a tiny island, with only 370 inhabitants. This made us think, are all of them family or where do they find someone to marry, forgot to ask the guide but I have to try to remember to do that. Anyhow, chalki is such an amazing place! I wanna move there. So calm, not thousands and thousands of tourist (not that I don't like tourists but the amount on chalki was perfect), the ocean was WARM so I took the first dip for this year, it wasn't too warm and the people were nice. 

Here's the proof! 

Chalki has an amazing tiny (of course) church with a clock tower that reminds of the one in Symi (the island I'm going to next week. 

Before we went there an other guide told me that we had to eat a special pastry from Chalki. I can't remember the name but it was filodouhg with vanillacream in between. I'm glad I tried it but it wasn't that good.. Above you can see the bakery that sells this pastry. And under is a picture of what it looks like.  

I wish I could bring all of you there so you could see it with your own eyes. Until then you can enjoy Chalki thru my photos :) 

After a looong day I had to lay down a little before the boat brought us back to Rhodes again. 


I love having people visiting me here in Rhodes! This week a friend from school is here, visiting one of the guides working for Apollo but I get to hang out with here when Isa works :) 

Today we went to the beach after I was done at work, amazing day! 

found it

I've found the hotel I want. It's already there but closed, and it's got potential. 

 There's the view!! Understand what I mean with potential now? 

Anyone out there that wants to invest I a hotel??! 

An other early morning

But I think today was even earlier than yesterday. I woke up before the alarm and I didn't want to get out of bed, first time since I got here and that happens. I usually bounce out of my bed to get ready for an other day. But today my body was tired, and I want to believe that it's bcs of the running yesterday, my muscles are painful!! But who knows, maybe it's just not my day today . We will see. 

Yesterday evening was a great evening. Johanna and I went to the cinema, again. This time it was Bad neighbors. An okay movie but nothing I would recommend to watch at the cinema. BUT I want to tell you something about last night, it's not a movie for kids. A lot of drugs, alkohol and sex involved, so pls don't bring your kids. As one lady did yesterday (here's the thing). She might have been 12-13 years old and she should definitely not watch this movie. After half of the movie (in the Greek smoking break, yes there's a smoking break after half the movie) they finally left. And that made it easier to actually laugh about the movie, when the kid was there I mostly felt embarrassed. 

Early bird

Today is my day off and I had the alarm set for 11.02. Thought that's a good time to wake up to have an hour to get ready and get to town to meet Johanna. Btw I love that we have the same day off every week. 

Last night I got home pretty early compared to the last Tuesdays. Around midnight Johanna dropped me outside my house after an amazing Indian dinner and an awesome movie night at the cinema. This week it was time to see the other woman and I'm glad we watched it, I haven't laughed that much in a loooong time! 

Anyway that's not what I was suppose to tell you. I got to bet at 1 I think, and woke up at 8.15 this morning, and I felt good. Not tired at all so I decided to get out of bed, lace the running shoes and get out for the first time in months. It was the worst I've felt in a long time but after I felt really good. I did it, and now I'm gonna keep doing it. I love running, so why stop? 

Now I'm in town, drinking lemonade and waiting for Johanna so that we can have lunch :) I'm starving! 

Super markets

Rhodes have thousands of supermarkets. Some good and some bad of course. Like all other places. But let me tell you about one of them, the best one. 

I call it heaven on earth (ICA might be better but here it is) every time I get there they have something new to show me. Something Swedish !!! They have candy, lingonberry jam, knäckebröd yeah you name it they have it (basically) aaaand they have kaviar (yes, fish on a tube is amazing). They'll save my summer and they've saved a couple of bad days already. 

Like this would be enough, oh no! They also have the best staff ever in a super market. They are nice, polite and they speak very good English. I have to ask them next time I go there if they're from Greece or somewhere else. 

Anyway, if you visit Rhodes go say hi to my friends in Lindos Supermarket. 

dinner in Greek way

I don't know if it's always like this here but I always end up eating dinner very very late here compared to what I do back home. 

Monday night I had dinner with my colleague and her husband (no names, I'm doing well on that point, right?) at a Greek taverna. It was late and it was great :) 

I think I've tried all Greek dishes you should now and it's only been 5 weeks here. They kind of forced me to eat calamari yesterday which is something I really don't like... The taste is okay but the texture is really not for me. I tried it, I didn't like it, but I tried it and that's the important part. I won't eat that again I think, I know I won't like it. 

Of course I forgot to take pictures of my favorite dishes that was peppers filled with some kind of cheese, probably some goatcheese, cheeseballs. Cheese is yummy! :) 

Let me introduce


Pls welcome Torgny to my family. My bike finally got a name and I can't really explain why it is what it is. My wife (Victoria. Long story for you who hasn't read the blog when I lived in the US) and I decided that a week ago or so :) 

Torgny and I will have a great summer together! 

Greek night

When my dad was here we went on one of our excursions.

And I might have thought it would be like it was but just not as awesome. The food was great, the wine tested good, the staff was friendly and THE dancers were amazing and looked really good! 

It all started at 7 pm when we hopped on the bus to Afandou where the 'restaurant' is. We got our starters (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the food), which was probably six or seven different Greek dishes and after this we got the best meat I've had since I got here. And here somewhere eating this amazing meat the dancers arrived! And after a short traditional Greek dance it was our turn to try the dance. Sooo much fun! We danced for a while, finished our dinner and then we danced even more. 

Zorba is definitely a favorite. I don't like it, I Love it!!! 

If you guys come visit we will most definitely go to a Greek night :) I think I could go every week! 

Parking a car

Here in Greece you can park your car where the sidewalk is painted blue or white. Yellow means (if it's not a parking spot) forbidden to park. Easy as that! 

BUT here they don't follow any traffic rules and they park wherever they want. On the sidewalk, in the middle of the street, you name it they park there. 

Friday morning when I walked from the bus to the first hotel I saw probably hundred cars waiting on the street bcs on little blue car was parked too close to the street and the busses couldn't pass it. It was like this for a pretty long time, and all cars honk all the time, to get the 'stupid' drivers attention. And most of the time when this happens the driver walks out very relaxed from a supermarket or something. With no rush at all!!! 

Imagine if they would to the same thing back home in Sweden??


Best Mojito in the world, at the best bar in the world, with the best people in Greece! 

#JJbar #happyswedishfish


I never thought this day would come, or at least not this soon. I'm homesick, like a lot! It's a good feeling I guess but I hate it, I don't wanna be homesick and definitely not after one month... 

If it will be like this all summer, I will be crazy after half the season. I know I always say I don't like Sweden and that I don't like being there but there's clearly something that I miss about it. 

The best thing would be to move Sweden to a warmer place, then I would definitely love Sweden! 

We've got some rain.

It's raining. And it has been raining since last night. When I got off work and started my bike ride home it started and it's been raining non stop since then! 

Yesterday was a bad day. I broke my phone, my amazing water bottle and it was raining. and I thought I broke my bike too, but they could easily fix whatever was wrong with it at the bikefixingplace. :) 

And hopefully the phonefixingplace can fix my phone today. Thanks to some of the amazing people I've met here I hopefully have it, fixed, by 7 pm tonight. (I'm pretty sure I'll have to eat noodles every day for the rest of the month now tho) 

Anyway. This morning, bcs of the rain, I decided to take the bus to town instead of my bike. It's too cold, wet and it's too slippery to ride the bike, and I was tired! I waited and waited and waited, after 35 minutes the bus showed up, and I got to town right on time :) #happyswedishfish 

Hopefully the weather will get better but it's not looking bright on the forecast unfortunately. But hey, I have a jacket! 

Best day off in a long time

Yesterday was my day off but I started it Tuesday night with a few friends from Apollo at a bar, my favorite one. Their drinks are amazing and I'm sure that'll be my place this summer. We stayed out pretty late (at least for me) and i almost fell asleep on my way home. 

Tuesday morning started with 2 hours in the sun on my balcony before I met up Johanna and Sofie (same girls as the night before) for lunch and shopping! :) and all of a sudden it was late, or 5.30 pm and Johanna had to go back home and I decided to walk to my friends up on the mountain for dinner and then it was time to sleep again :) 

But I had the best day off in a long time, feels like I'm finally getting some friends here. 

Bike around in Rhodes

Could be really dangerous. The don't drive like they do at home here and they don't have control over who's on the street more than them. They just drive, honk and scream. 

Am few days ago I got a bright idea, if I bike in the middle of the street instead of on the side of it they have to slow down and all of them will see me. So I've tried that for a while now AND it works. They slow down, probably just because they have to, and get really mad at me but I don't care. As long as I'm safe on my bike I'm happy. And I think this is the only way to be safe on a bike here. 

Here in Rhodes there's a lot of one way streets, too many if you ask me. And at some places it's not smart planned on how the streets are one way, you can drive up on street and not be able to get out of there if you don't back up  all the way down, cause all streets going here are one way streets in the wrong way. Haha! Most people don't care about this, they just drive where they want to. And I do too, when I'm on my bike, it's impossible to not drive against one way. And I'm not bothering the traffic as much as a car driving against one way anyway :) 

Having a visitor

This past week my dads been here visiting me and showing me around. He knows this island better than I do, do it's been a great time for me finding my way around and trying his favorite restaurants :) 

I don't know how many of you that's been away from "home" for a longer time, working somewhere else and then someone comes to visit you in your new home. I thought it might be interesting to know what it's like for the person who lives outside of Sweden, in my case, to have someone that comes and change all your routines ;) 

It's awesome to have visits from home, don't get me wrong! I love having friends and family around and it's been the best weeks outside of Sweden this far when I have someone from home visiting me. BUT it's also hard. I feel like I'm not enough some times, I wanna spend 24 hours a day with the persons visiting me and I do spend all the time I can with them. But I have to work too even if my family is here, and in this case when my dad is here it's okay. I know he will be fine by himself here, he knows people everywhere. But it's still hard! 

The worst thing is the first day when they leave, it's sooo empty and I always feel sooo lonely :( (it gets better the second day) You who knows me very well knows how bad I am at saying good bye, I always cry like a baby and I definately hate it! That's the hardest things with the visits from home, they don't last for ever.

Today (Monday) is the first time since I got here that I feel homesick. And I knew it would be like this. Always the same. 

Water bottles

This might become the weirdest blog post ever, but I'm gonna post it anyway. 

Here in Rhodes, don't know if it's like that all over Greece, but one of the water companies (?) here makes different colored lids on the bottles. It's not just pretty but really handy when you're several people around one table and all of you drink water. If you buy different colors on the lids you always know which bottle is yours! 

Way to go Aquavita!!! 

The weather

The weather is a BIG part of my life here in Greece. I think I get the question what's the weather gonna be this week atleast ten times every day (for you who worked as a guide knows exactly what I mean). I always try to answer as close to the truth as possible, but I can't or they can't control the weather. If it's raining you better just love with it, put some extra clothes on and enjoy the city anyway. 

Unfortunately that's not how it works, if it rains it's a day of complaints about the weather. Which is nothing anyone can do anything about. 

It's been raining almost non stop since last night. And I can't say I love it but I'm trying to enjoy it, it's probably the last rain I'll see until October. So the bikeride this morning in the rain was kinda fun, but very slippery. I almost fell of my bike several times bcs the street was like ice. But hey I made it here in one piece and I'm smiling :) 

The mafia

There's a mafia outside my house, and they rule the world around there. Attacked me and Bettan (my bike) this morning and it's kinda scary. 

The Mafia has three members. and I'm  telling you they're loud and scary as fuck. Big teeth too, which they loooove to show off! 

Of course I'm not talking about humans, and even if I really wish it was vampires it's not, no the mafia is a dog mafia and I seriously hates them! One of them almost got killed by a car this morning and I hate myself for thinking that but I just wanted it to die. They scare me every single day, and as soon as I get on my bike they attac it and me!!! 

There has to be a change. 


Happy Easter (a little late) 

I've never ever enjoyed Easter as much as here. I've already told you about the celebrations Friday night, didn't i? 

Anyway, Saturday is the BIG celebrations. Started at 10pm I think, me and my friends walked down to the church by the water and waited for the priest to walk out of the church (it was packed inside so I never got to see how it was inside the church). At 11.45 pm he walked out with a lot of other priests (I think) following him. They had incense (?) with them in some kind of swinging ball that the priest held in his hands. He read a few things from the bible (in Greek so I couldn't understand a word of it) and then he got a little crazy with the swinging ball. I thought it would fly away as much as he swung it back and forth. Smoke and an amazing scent filled the air over us. Did I tell you I got goosebumps? No, well I did! 

(here you can see some of the smoke) 

At midnight (when they think Jesus got his life back (can't find the correct English word, I hope you understand) the real party started. FIREWORKS!!! It was totally crazy, and at the same time you're suppose to have two red boiled eggs (like the one we colored earlier in the week) in your hands, crash them against each other and say Christo Anesti. 

I almost forgot the most important part of this. Each year they fly in a fire from Jerusalem that the priest brings out for everyone to light a candle from this. And this light you're suppose to keep for 40 days after Easter to keep devils out of your house! 

After this the real party starts, they eat and drink all night (I didn't bcs I had to wake up early for work the morning after). If you make this correct you're not allowed to eat any meat or animal products for 40 days prior to Easter so this should be the first time you eat meat. They usually eat a special soup (I'm not gonna explain about it, make me wanna throw up just the thought of it) and then they have a BBQ with rather lamb or goat. 

I could've stayed up all night bcs I didn't get much sleep, my neighbors are Greek and they celebrated all night ;) 

(here's a few things reminding you of what happened the night before) picture taken Sunday morning outside the church. 

Bettan is retired

My bike Bettan got too old and tired (three flat tires in a week) and the company that gave her to me wanted her back. So yesterday morning I didn't have a bike anymore, sad day. And very stressful. How can I work here without a bike? It'll take waaay to much time to walk to work and home every day. 

My dad and I walked around asking everybody we know here yesterday if they knew where I could get a new bike. One of our friends knew someone, that could give us a good deal for a used bike. Awesome! We walked over there and realized pretty fast that I would never be able to bike around on that used bike he wanted to sell to us. So we asked (like it was dangerous) what the price would be on a new bike. He had three to show us, two city bikes and one mountain bike, and I totally fell in loooove with one of them. Haha!  (Bettan is nothing compared to those ones) I ended up with one of the city bikes, and I'm so happy. I'll never have trouble with my bike again. Thanks to my awesome parents, without them I wouldn't have a bike now. 

Can't be much better than this! 

One thing is left until I'm done with Bettan, I still have the key to the bike lock, and I'm gonna get rid of that today and that's gonna be the end of the story! 

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