Take a trip around the island

Last Friday, I think, we went on an island tour. Yeah Friday before Easter - not a great day to be a tourist, they close a lot of things that day. But I thought everything that we were going to visit would be open - I was wrong :( 

Anyway. We started early in the morning going south to Lindos - the white village. What an amazing place, I got all calm and felt so relaxed there. If I could I would go there every day after work to calm down, haha! Well we walked to the Akropolis there, half way up we get the info that it's closed due to easterfriday! Dammit. So instead we walked all the way back down again and then walked to the beach. It was nice too, but I badly wanna see Akropolis. 

After a while we hopped on the bus again to go to Monolithos to check out the view from a mountain and there we could buy some local produced Honey from Theodor. An amazing old man who has a little shop up on he mountain. I bought some for my parents (I don't like honey)

(this is the view from Theos little shop)

After this it was finally time for lunch, I had packed some snacks (can't spend hours in a bus without eating). Rule one I broke, don't eat in the bus! (I'm such a great role model for my guests) And after lunch it was time for a nap, amazing! :) 

Hard working woman...

Today's been a great day, work wise :) I've got a lot done that will give me some extra time off this weekend and next week :) 

It's soon time for me to go home to clean my apartment, I'll have some company here next week. My dad arrives on Sunday so it needs to be clean(er) by Sunday noon. I also have to go get some food, he needs food and so do I. 

I can't wait to get some company here, it's been a little lonely lately. But I'll be fine. Can't wait to see my dad tho :) 

The bike

There's a loooong story to tell about my bike, Bettan. I thinks she's getting old and tired, after two weeks together she's giving up.

First I lost the key to my bike lock, that was Sunday morning, and I was in a hurry to get to work... So I had to get a taxi and then in the night Monica helped me to get the lock undone with a saw and then I got a new lock :) 

You might think this is the end of the story, but it's not. 

The day after I biked to town happy as never before and parked my bike to work. Then a friend of mine picked me up in town to go to a store to get a few things (the store is faaaar away) and when I get back to get my bike I feels strange when I start my way home. Ohh noo! It's a flat tire. Okay, walk Bettan to the bike shop, park it again and call my friend so that she can bring me home. The day after it was fixed and I picked it up, walked it home for some reason and parked it in my house :) 

You might think this is the end of the story, but it's not. 

This morning on my way to work it felt strane again, all the bumps in the road felt like they were 1 meter high and that I was on a really heavy thing that just fell right down on the street. So I stopped and looked at the tire. Oh noo!  It's still a flat tire. And just like the morning when I lost my key I'm in a hurry... So I just have to bike on it anyway. And soon I'm off to ask the guys at the bike shop if they ever fixed that flat tire a couple of days ago... 

This will be the end for today, but I'm sure Bettan will protest again this summer... 

Easter is here - and...

... I love it! 

Easter is the holiday I like the most after Christmas. And being able to celebrate it here in Greece where they celebrate BIG time is amazing! I'm enjoying every minute of it and I sleep 4 hours/night. (And for those of you who knows me well will be in chock now, haha) 

Last night I went to church (!) with Gabriella. We waited for almost 3 hours for the throne of flowers to 'exit' the church. Hundreds of people did the same. And I'm glad we waited, it was beautiful. 

This throne is later carried around town by the military and then later (I didn't follow them all the way) they place it in church. This ceremony takes hours. 

Tonight is the BIG night. We are going to church again and I'll try to get a few pictures of what happens there. 

I'll have an other sleepless night, but who cares? It's Easter and I can sleep an ther weekend :) 

Happy Easter dear friends! 

Happy swedish fish

It's been an amazing day. I don't know why, but it's been great! :D I'm happy, the sun is shining, it's warm, and I have a great job! 

It's Easter time too, today I've been painting eggs with my Greek family, we have to make this Easter very special and I ''force'' them to do all the things you have to before Easter. Red eggs is one of the things you need for Saturday night after church. So we did that today :) 

The red eggs is needed for Saturday to crush (?) them against each other at midnight to celebrate resurrection (?) of Jesus! I'll keep you updated later this weekend about it! I promise I'll take lots of photos :) 

If you don't have your mum around to give you an Easter egg it's good to have an extra Greek one. (A few of the red eggs ended up in my Fridge) 

I don't have to wait any longer...

The icecream place is open and I'm telling you nothing can ruin this day. #happyswedishfish

First arrival

Tea for two, or?

It's tea time. I don't think I've ever bought this much tea in a cafe before. Each time I wanna use the wifi (sometimes I check my email or so really quick hiding in the bushes outside) I have to buy something and a tea is what I buy, each time :) they know my order very well by now so I don't even have to tell them what I want :) 

Last day of freedom, tomorrow we'll have our first arrival and I'm scared !!! Mostly bcs nothing is like Egypt and that's scares me. What if I don't like it here, what if I don't like working as a tour leader outside of Egypt... I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow and then see what happens. 

Today's been hectic. Getting as much as we can ready for tomorrow. I've had some time to sit outside in the sun too, in my bikini. Summer is here! :) the Greek people still wear a winter jacket tho, luckily I'm Swedish ;) haha! 


My crib

I've gotten the question about how my apartment looks like from several people (and I think you guys read my blog) so here you go. Welcome to casa Kjellberg 

Julia gets lost in...

There's thousands of streets that looks exactly the same here. Not good for me, very good for the people who find their way around here. I get lost all the time... Haha! 

I've been driving around today and I think all the other drivers hates me by now. I've been driving against one way several times bcs that's the only way I know to get somewhere, haha! Oh well, in a week or so I'll find everything around here :) 

I went to get a few things for my apartment and then the rest of the day I've been visiting hotels and being lost.

Gamla Bettan

I need a ride

And I got one, a bike and I'm very happy about it. I promise I'll take a picture of this fantastic vehicle that'll show me around the island this summer. 

Anyway it's been a great day. I've been on a guided tour in old town with our amazing guide Tina, if you guys come visit I'll try to arrange a tour with her for you. 

Tomorrow I'll explore town with my bike and hopefully tomorrow night I'll find my way around there. I get lose every time I walk around there. 

Sweet dreams. 

Life's pretty amazing

Hi there, it's been a while (again) since I updated you guys on what I'm doing :) 

I finally got my apartment, but I only hav a bed in there and nothing else. Hopefully I'll get a sofa and table this week but hey it's Greece, what can you expect? ;) the most amazing thing with this apartment of mine is that the terrace is gigantic! And I don't like it I loooooove it. Just need to get a sunbed and I'm all set for this summer ;) 

Work is okay, haven't really started yet. This week is only for preparation and then on Sunday we start work for real. But not as much as we will have in the summer :) 

Rhodes is a great place to stay at. I live a little bit outside of the town itself but it's okay, I'll get my own bike tomorrow and the taxi is only 4€ :D 


The big day finally came. Yesterday. And now I'm here, Greece is awesome :) it's warm (still, suppose to get some rain today) and soon it's time for me to get up and start exploring the island 

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