Take a trip around the island

Last Friday, I think, we went on an island tour. Yeah Friday before Easter - not a great day to be a tourist, they close a lot of things that day. But I thought everything that we were going to visit would be open - I was wrong :( 

Anyway. We started early in the morning going south to Lindos - the white village. What an amazing place, I got all calm and felt so relaxed there. If I could I would go there every day after work to calm down, haha! Well we walked to the Akropolis there, half way up we get the info that it's closed due to easterfriday! Dammit. So instead we walked all the way back down again and then walked to the beach. It was nice too, but I badly wanna see Akropolis. 

After a while we hopped on the bus again to go to Monolithos to check out the view from a mountain and there we could buy some local produced Honey from Theodor. An amazing old man who has a little shop up on he mountain. I bought some for my parents (I don't like honey)

(this is the view from Theos little shop)

After this it was finally time for lunch, I had packed some snacks (can't spend hours in a bus without eating). Rule one I broke, don't eat in the bus! (I'm such a great role model for my guests) And after lunch it was time for a nap, amazing! :) 

Postat av: Justin R

You suffer so much!

2014-04-29 @ 09:02:33
Postat av: victoria

Så fint!! Är lite avis härborta!!! 8)

2014-04-30 @ 11:00:31

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