beach and dinner.

Soon we are heading off to the beach :) Its not perfect weather but I will swim in the lake anyway :) I have to beat my father in one way. ( for you who doestn know, he has been here 3 times but always in the wintertime so he couldnt swim in the lake) After that its dinner time by the 3d sisters house. Anne. Now I met Jackie, Mary and soon Anne. Just one to go! :) we will see if I meet her or not.. You never know.

Now Michale (jackies son) is screaming after me. Julia, do you want to play?? Want to play? so i have to go.


Living the dream.

Im leaving the dream in America. I just love this place, the country, the city (Chicago) and the people. I think I could stay here forever. But hten I know whats waiting in the end om august and then I dont want to stay anymore.

We have been doing alot of funny thing since I came here last sunday. Visiting the Field museum, the shedd aquarium, the millenium park, willis tower, down town. and today we are going to navy pier and then take a boat out in the lake to see the skyline frm there :)

I have been shopping som small things also. Gift for you home and then my lovely jeansjacket, FINALLY! :)



Tomorrow morning, 07.45, im leaving for holiday to USA. I cant wait now, i just want it to be morning so my father will take me to the airport, check in my luggage and fly! :)

See you,


Welcome home!

Today is a special day, my best best friend is coming home for one week hoilday. nathalie Svensson welcome home! :) Im sorry that I cant visit you, but we can speak with eachother every day!


USA - here I come

first I want to say sorry, I didnt write anything here for almost 2 weeks now :( Its not that I dont have time for it, I have time for everything now when i dont have a job...

So what happend since last time, I have been spending lot of time out in the sun, Sweden is finally having summer,m but today its bad wather again! Ahh, I want SUN, SUN, SUN!!! Last weekend I spent with my lovely girls in Varberg. We went party on saturday and sunday we were eating icecream in the harbour in the sun :) LOVELY!

On sunday I will leave to the country and city of dreams. 13th of June im going to Chicago, USA får 10 days and then I leave for NY, USA for 5 days. I cant wait. Something sad about this is that I coulnt go and visit Jasmine in Miami, she is leaving to Finland before I can get there :( but there will be more times when I can come ya asal!  :)


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