Having a visitor

This past week my dads been here visiting me and showing me around. He knows this island better than I do, do it's been a great time for me finding my way around and trying his favorite restaurants :) 

I don't know how many of you that's been away from "home" for a longer time, working somewhere else and then someone comes to visit you in your new home. I thought it might be interesting to know what it's like for the person who lives outside of Sweden, in my case, to have someone that comes and change all your routines ;) 

It's awesome to have visits from home, don't get me wrong! I love having friends and family around and it's been the best weeks outside of Sweden this far when I have someone from home visiting me. BUT it's also hard. I feel like I'm not enough some times, I wanna spend 24 hours a day with the persons visiting me and I do spend all the time I can with them. But I have to work too even if my family is here, and in this case when my dad is here it's okay. I know he will be fine by himself here, he knows people everywhere. But it's still hard! 

The worst thing is the first day when they leave, it's sooo empty and I always feel sooo lonely :( (it gets better the second day) You who knows me very well knows how bad I am at saying good bye, I always cry like a baby and I definately hate it! That's the hardest things with the visits from home, they don't last for ever.

Today (Monday) is the first time since I got here that I feel homesick. And I knew it would be like this. Always the same. 

Postat av: Stefan

I feel the same when I go home. Tears in my eyes

2014-05-08 @ 14:17:18

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