Bike around in Rhodes

Could be really dangerous. The don't drive like they do at home here and they don't have control over who's on the street more than them. They just drive, honk and scream. 

Am few days ago I got a bright idea, if I bike in the middle of the street instead of on the side of it they have to slow down and all of them will see me. So I've tried that for a while now AND it works. They slow down, probably just because they have to, and get really mad at me but I don't care. As long as I'm safe on my bike I'm happy. And I think this is the only way to be safe on a bike here. 

Here in Rhodes there's a lot of one way streets, too many if you ask me. And at some places it's not smart planned on how the streets are one way, you can drive up on street and not be able to get out of there if you don't back up  all the way down, cause all streets going here are one way streets in the wrong way. Haha! Most people don't care about this, they just drive where they want to. And I do too, when I'm on my bike, it's impossible to not drive against one way. And I'm not bothering the traffic as much as a car driving against one way anyway :) 

Postat av: Susann

Var rädd om dig i trafiken Julia. Människor är mjuka, bilar är hårda ;-)

Svar: Det lovar jag att va :) kram!!!

2014-05-08 @ 08:15:47
Postat av: Stefan

With your new bike there is no problem

2014-05-08 @ 15:09:12

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