Island tour

This morning I signed a contract for the rental car to take my mum around the island (and myself). We drove around the whole thing, and it took the whole day :) 

It all started with that I forgot my glasses at home so that we had to turn around and go back home. We started again and drove to Tsambika to see if I could get my bikini back that I forgot there last week, they didn't have it so we drove away and headed towards Prasonissi, the southest (?) part of Rhodes. We were expecting something amazing, but it was just dirty... And full of kite surfers ;) I like it a lot! Maybe that's where I'm gonna take the class :) 
Prasonissi is a sandbank, 1 km, before you get to a small island. 

After Prasonissi we went all the way up to Monolithos. There's an amazing view and a monastery. We also stoped to buy some peanuts from Theodor (the guy we stopped with the last time I went around the island) 

In the church we lit some candles for our family, and my colleague and her husband. That's an other interesting thing, I would never go to church in Sweden, but here I visit all churches I find and I always light candles for my family and friends! 

We ended our day in Ancient Kamiros, which is a town that was abandoned a looong time ago. 

And after a hot walk there we went to the beach for the daily swim! Today it was really really really cold! 

And I have to show you... When we drove in to town after we had dinner the ocean was amazing! 


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