When are you going to do something with your life?

There's  two different things with this living abroad I hate. Two questions that drives me crazy, ruins my day. 

First one is - when are you gonna do something with your life? 
Second one is - what does your parents think about you not getting an education or getting a real job? 

I'm doing more with my life than most people that only wants to get an education and then get a job and save money. I do save money so that I can see what the world has to show me, and that my dear friends is definitely to do something with your life! I'm not saying you're doing wrong and I'm doing right BUT if this is what I wanna do for the next 5 or maybe even 10 years why are you concerned about it? I promise I'm doing fine. I don't care if you spend 5 years of your life in school while I spend 5 years seeing the world. School, kids and get married is something I can do later, but travel the world when you have children and so on is not as easy as for me. But I think you all should try it. 

And then the second one - what my parents think? They tell me they're happy about me doing what I love and what I wanna do and I'm pretty sure they're being honest. And why should they care? I get myself around (most of the time) and I save money from what the jobs I get pay me and then I travel. It's not like I borrow money for this... I don't know why this would be such a big problem for some people out there. If this is what I wanna do why the hell should my parents care about it? I'm not a criminal. 

So please please please,  I'm asking you to think what you're doing with your life before judging mine. 

Sorry if this was a little rough but it needed to get it out, and if you're enjoying me traveling the world and like to follow my adventure - then don't care about this post! Love you! 


Postat av: Jennifer i München

Kör ditt race - följ alltid magkänslan! Helt rätt tänkt. Kram!

Svar: Ja det ska jag göra! Tack! :) kram

2014-07-07 @ 10:56:51
URL: http://jennifersandstrom.se
Postat av: Stefan

Live your life Julia. Don't worry about what other people say.

2014-07-07 @ 22:12:24

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