Take me to the lake

One day a couple of weeks ago we went on a trip to the lake. I never thought there were a lake on this island but there is and I have been there. Before we went my friend Anna told me there's a surprise for me there, and you know how curious I am so I wanted to go directly to the lake :) haha! 

It was a long drive there and when we finally got there the surprise was gone :( but we found something else, very interesting. Houses, several houses and in a few of them you could peek in to the window, beds and kitchen. Just like the places we went to on field trips when I was a kid to spend the night with your classmates. After I while there I hear Anna scream I found keys, and we decided to check if the keys worked on any of the doors there. Oh yes, it did and we walked in to two of those small houses to check what it looks like. Exciting! 

Happy Swedish fish! 

THE key! 

It reminded me of how beautiful Sweden is in the summer. 

After the lake we went to a beach south of Monolithos. They've talked about this beach for weeks too and I was so happy I finally go there. It was beautiful! 
(sorry I can't remember the name of it)

On the way home we entered a festival, something to do with the church in this village I think. They tried to close the street, didn't work very well!  Haha! 

As we say in Sweden "man ur huse" 


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