The weather

The weather is a BIG part of my life here in Greece. I think I get the question what's the weather gonna be this week atleast ten times every day (for you who worked as a guide knows exactly what I mean). I always try to answer as close to the truth as possible, but I can't or they can't control the weather. If it's raining you better just love with it, put some extra clothes on and enjoy the city anyway. 

Unfortunately that's not how it works, if it rains it's a day of complaints about the weather. Which is nothing anyone can do anything about. 

It's been raining almost non stop since last night. And I can't say I love it but I'm trying to enjoy it, it's probably the last rain I'll see until October. So the bikeride this morning in the rain was kinda fun, but very slippery. I almost fell of my bike several times bcs the street was like ice. But hey I made it here in one piece and I'm smiling :) 


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