Rum forest run

It all started very good. I ran every second day and I loved it. Then I had people visiting me and I stopped, for 6 weeks! Which is a loooong time. 

BUT today I started again, and I feel like a new person. This is what I've missed and I'm not stopping ever again. 

I love running, and especially along the ocean. It's so beautiful I don't think about what I'm doing. Today it was like someone tried to kill me tho, +34C and the sun was still up. Not doing that mistake again. Note to self - don't run before 8.30 pm :) 

Butterflies butterflies butterflies

Last Wednesday we only had departure transfer at work and Johanna had a day off so we decided to go to the butterfly valley. Such an amazing place. The nature was stunning and the butterflies were everywhere (see photos) 

I've never been on a place like this before with so many animals from the same kind in one place (not that I can remember atleast) After a while I thought it was a little disgusting when it looked like the tree hog (?) was moving bcs it was filled with butterflies. But as I said earlier it was an amazing place. We walked half of the valley, we asked a lady working there and she said this is the nice half and there's not much to see in to lower part. Okay! And I happy we listened to her, I wouldn't be able to walk all of it. Uphill and +42 degrees! I have never been that close to fainting (?) because of heat as when we finally reached the bar on the top. And then we had the walk down to the car left... After a while we saw an empty taxi and this saved our lives ;) 

Yes, all that is butterflies 


Dreams - big and small 

I have a few dreams that I want to fulfill before I one day can't travel anymore. (The most of my dreams are connected with going to another country/place). I have a Bucket list on my wall (and this always go with me when I move somewhere else) for me to be able to read what's next. Why I'm saving as much money as I can. 

Some of them are smaller and some of them are bigger. And some is scary and some is not so scary. IF I will be able to do all those things I don't know - but I'll definitely do my best! 

Next on the list is learn to do a handstand - might be one of the simple ones but it's still a little dangerous. I've started to practice at home against a wall and I'll get there without the wall one day, I know I will, but it has to take the time it needs :) this is I guess one of the small ones. And the next big one I think is going to South America, which includes several of the things on my bucket list, when and for how long this trip will be is not more than a dream. Hopefully it will be my next long trip, so in January I hope I've saved enough to go for a couple of months. I won't be able to do all South America in on trip, but parts of it. 

One of my closest friends sent me a very good quote the other day. Something I wanna share with you. 

"For every argument you make, I can make a logical counter agreement but at the end of the day it comes down to one thing: what makes you happy? If you really want to travel, go travel. Life will work itself out. You can always go home if you don’t like it. We are only here in this form once, why not live the life you want and do what brings you joy? 
When you do that, the whole world belongs to you."

Epta Piges

 Last week it was finally time for us to go to butterflies valley, everybody talks about this and tells me I have to go and I have to go soon bcs the butterflies won't stay much longer. I love to see new places so why not, Anna Gabriella and I picked everything we needed and drove there - and as soon as we parked the car an old Norwegian man asks me Are you here for the butterfly valley? Yes of course i answer him (there's NOTHING else to do around there, except pick olives and they're not ready yet) He now tells me it's closed! Ah dammit, what shall we do now. Anna is fast coming up with a new place, epta piges or as I would say seven springs. Epta piges is Greek and means seven springs. I thought it would be some kind of amazing Greek translation to this but no :( 

Seven springs is on the other side of the island so we get in the car and start our way down the east coast of Rhodes. Seven springs is a big tourist place, and there were a lot of people when we came. We looked around a little bit and then we started walking thru the tunnel, the tunnel might be 200 m (I have no idea, just guessing now) and it's dark cold and you walk in the water... I'm telling you I lose my feet after 10 meters bcs the water was so cold! Anyway, we walked for what felt like a lifetime thru the tunnel and after I while I saw lights :) halfway Gabriella tells me, oh I thought we were done... So we continued and I got the feeling that the lady in front of me was scared, really scared and then I thought what happens if she panics in here, it's people everywhere - totally ruined the second part of the tunnel. 

(Halfway, but from outside the tunnel) 

When we came out of this there's a lake (kind of) and a waterfall. Amazing nature, fresh water from the mountains - BUT way too many tourist... 

Like a child

Saturday is one of the days me and Anna goes for an adventure. And last week she wanted to let 3 of her birds out in the free, so I came with her. 

We went to a forest, once we've been there before, but to an other part of it. And I found a swing! In the middle of nowhere. Happy like a child I started to swing while Anna got the birds out. So peaceful out there in the forest. Didn't think I could find a place like that here. 

Take me to the lake

One day a couple of weeks ago we went on a trip to the lake. I never thought there were a lake on this island but there is and I have been there. Before we went my friend Anna told me there's a surprise for me there, and you know how curious I am so I wanted to go directly to the lake :) haha! 

It was a long drive there and when we finally got there the surprise was gone :( but we found something else, very interesting. Houses, several houses and in a few of them you could peek in to the window, beds and kitchen. Just like the places we went to on field trips when I was a kid to spend the night with your classmates. After I while there I hear Anna scream I found keys, and we decided to check if the keys worked on any of the doors there. Oh yes, it did and we walked in to two of those small houses to check what it looks like. Exciting! 

Happy Swedish fish! 

THE key! 

It reminded me of how beautiful Sweden is in the summer. 

After the lake we went to a beach south of Monolithos. They've talked about this beach for weeks too and I was so happy I finally go there. It was beautiful! 
(sorry I can't remember the name of it)

On the way home we entered a festival, something to do with the church in this village I think. They tried to close the street, didn't work very well!  Haha! 

As we say in Sweden "man ur huse" 

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