Parking a car

Here in Greece you can park your car where the sidewalk is painted blue or white. Yellow means (if it's not a parking spot) forbidden to park. Easy as that! 

BUT here they don't follow any traffic rules and they park wherever they want. On the sidewalk, in the middle of the street, you name it they park there. 

Friday morning when I walked from the bus to the first hotel I saw probably hundred cars waiting on the street bcs on little blue car was parked too close to the street and the busses couldn't pass it. It was like this for a pretty long time, and all cars honk all the time, to get the 'stupid' drivers attention. And most of the time when this happens the driver walks out very relaxed from a supermarket or something. With no rush at all!!! 

Imagine if they would to the same thing back home in Sweden??


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