Greek night

When my dad was here we went on one of our excursions.

And I might have thought it would be like it was but just not as awesome. The food was great, the wine tested good, the staff was friendly and THE dancers were amazing and looked really good! 

It all started at 7 pm when we hopped on the bus to Afandou where the 'restaurant' is. We got our starters (unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the food), which was probably six or seven different Greek dishes and after this we got the best meat I've had since I got here. And here somewhere eating this amazing meat the dancers arrived! And after a short traditional Greek dance it was our turn to try the dance. Sooo much fun! We danced for a while, finished our dinner and then we danced even more. 

Zorba is definitely a favorite. I don't like it, I Love it!!! 

If you guys come visit we will most definitely go to a Greek night :) I think I could go every week! 

Postat av: Stefan

Great evening

2014-05-15 @ 13:01:36

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