Happy Easter (a little late) 

I've never ever enjoyed Easter as much as here. I've already told you about the celebrations Friday night, didn't i? 

Anyway, Saturday is the BIG celebrations. Started at 10pm I think, me and my friends walked down to the church by the water and waited for the priest to walk out of the church (it was packed inside so I never got to see how it was inside the church). At 11.45 pm he walked out with a lot of other priests (I think) following him. They had incense (?) with them in some kind of swinging ball that the priest held in his hands. He read a few things from the bible (in Greek so I couldn't understand a word of it) and then he got a little crazy with the swinging ball. I thought it would fly away as much as he swung it back and forth. Smoke and an amazing scent filled the air over us. Did I tell you I got goosebumps? No, well I did! 

(here you can see some of the smoke) 

At midnight (when they think Jesus got his life back (can't find the correct English word, I hope you understand) the real party started. FIREWORKS!!! It was totally crazy, and at the same time you're suppose to have two red boiled eggs (like the one we colored earlier in the week) in your hands, crash them against each other and say Christo Anesti. 

I almost forgot the most important part of this. Each year they fly in a fire from Jerusalem that the priest brings out for everyone to light a candle from this. And this light you're suppose to keep for 40 days after Easter to keep devils out of your house! 

After this the real party starts, they eat and drink all night (I didn't bcs I had to wake up early for work the morning after). If you make this correct you're not allowed to eat any meat or animal products for 40 days prior to Easter so this should be the first time you eat meat. They usually eat a special soup (I'm not gonna explain about it, make me wanna throw up just the thought of it) and then they have a BBQ with rather lamb or goat. 

I could've stayed up all night bcs I didn't get much sleep, my neighbors are Greek and they celebrated all night ;) 

(here's a few things reminding you of what happened the night before) picture taken Sunday morning outside the church. 


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