Bettan is retired

My bike Bettan got too old and tired (three flat tires in a week) and the company that gave her to me wanted her back. So yesterday morning I didn't have a bike anymore, sad day. And very stressful. How can I work here without a bike? It'll take waaay to much time to walk to work and home every day. 

My dad and I walked around asking everybody we know here yesterday if they knew where I could get a new bike. One of our friends knew someone, that could give us a good deal for a used bike. Awesome! We walked over there and realized pretty fast that I would never be able to bike around on that used bike he wanted to sell to us. So we asked (like it was dangerous) what the price would be on a new bike. He had three to show us, two city bikes and one mountain bike, and I totally fell in loooove with one of them. Haha!  (Bettan is nothing compared to those ones) I ended up with one of the city bikes, and I'm so happy. I'll never have trouble with my bike again. Thanks to my awesome parents, without them I wouldn't have a bike now. 

Can't be much better than this! 

One thing is left until I'm done with Bettan, I still have the key to the bike lock, and I'm gonna get rid of that today and that's gonna be the end of the story! 

Postat av: Stefan

Have a nice time with your new bike

2014-05-06 @ 19:38:35

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