An other early morning

But I think today was even earlier than yesterday. I woke up before the alarm and I didn't want to get out of bed, first time since I got here and that happens. I usually bounce out of my bed to get ready for an other day. But today my body was tired, and I want to believe that it's bcs of the running yesterday, my muscles are painful!! But who knows, maybe it's just not my day today . We will see. 

Yesterday evening was a great evening. Johanna and I went to the cinema, again. This time it was Bad neighbors. An okay movie but nothing I would recommend to watch at the cinema. BUT I want to tell you something about last night, it's not a movie for kids. A lot of drugs, alkohol and sex involved, so pls don't bring your kids. As one lady did yesterday (here's the thing). She might have been 12-13 years old and she should definitely not watch this movie. After half of the movie (in the Greek smoking break, yes there's a smoking break after half the movie) they finally left. And that made it easier to actually laugh about the movie, when the kid was there I mostly felt embarrassed. 


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