Butterflies butterflies butterflies

Last Wednesday we only had departure transfer at work and Johanna had a day off so we decided to go to the butterfly valley. Such an amazing place. The nature was stunning and the butterflies were everywhere (see photos) 

I've never been on a place like this before with so many animals from the same kind in one place (not that I can remember atleast) After a while I thought it was a little disgusting when it looked like the tree hog (?) was moving bcs it was filled with butterflies. But as I said earlier it was an amazing place. We walked half of the valley, we asked a lady working there and she said this is the nice half and there's not much to see in to lower part. Okay! And I happy we listened to her, I wouldn't be able to walk all of it. Uphill and +42 degrees! I have never been that close to fainting (?) because of heat as when we finally reached the bar on the top. And then we had the walk down to the car left... After a while we saw an empty taxi and this saved our lives ;) 

Yes, all that is butterflies 


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