Tea for two, or?

It's tea time. I don't think I've ever bought this much tea in a cafe before. Each time I wanna use the wifi (sometimes I check my email or so really quick hiding in the bushes outside) I have to buy something and a tea is what I buy, each time :) they know my order very well by now so I don't even have to tell them what I want :) 

Last day of freedom, tomorrow we'll have our first arrival and I'm scared !!! Mostly bcs nothing is like Egypt and that's scares me. What if I don't like it here, what if I don't like working as a tour leader outside of Egypt... I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow and then see what happens. 

Today's been hectic. Getting as much as we can ready for tomorrow. I've had some time to sit outside in the sun too, in my bikini. Summer is here! :) the Greek people still wear a winter jacket tho, luckily I'm Swedish ;) haha! 


Postat av: Stefan

Jag kommer snart ner och kollar upp sommaren

2014-04-14 @ 05:45:20

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