Super markets

Rhodes have thousands of supermarkets. Some good and some bad of course. Like all other places. But let me tell you about one of them, the best one. 

I call it heaven on earth (ICA might be better but here it is) every time I get there they have something new to show me. Something Swedish !!! They have candy, lingonberry jam, knäckebröd yeah you name it they have it (basically) aaaand they have kaviar (yes, fish on a tube is amazing). They'll save my summer and they've saved a couple of bad days already. 

Like this would be enough, oh no! They also have the best staff ever in a super market. They are nice, polite and they speak very good English. I have to ask them next time I go there if they're from Greece or somewhere else. 

Anyway, if you visit Rhodes go say hi to my friends in Lindos Supermarket. 


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