Life's pretty amazing

Hi there, it's been a while (again) since I updated you guys on what I'm doing :) 

I finally got my apartment, but I only hav a bed in there and nothing else. Hopefully I'll get a sofa and table this week but hey it's Greece, what can you expect? ;) the most amazing thing with this apartment of mine is that the terrace is gigantic! And I don't like it I loooooove it. Just need to get a sunbed and I'm all set for this summer ;) 

Work is okay, haven't really started yet. This week is only for preparation and then on Sunday we start work for real. But not as much as we will have in the summer :) 

Rhodes is a great place to stay at. I live a little bit outside of the town itself but it's okay, I'll get my own bike tomorrow and the taxi is only 4€ :D 


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