Hard working woman...

Today's been a great day, work wise :) I've got a lot done that will give me some extra time off this weekend and next week :) 

It's soon time for me to go home to clean my apartment, I'll have some company here next week. My dad arrives on Sunday so it needs to be clean(er) by Sunday noon. I also have to go get some food, he needs food and so do I. 

I can't wait to get some company here, it's been a little lonely lately. But I'll be fine. Can't wait to see my dad tho :) 

Postat av: Stefan


2014-04-26 @ 19:33:46
Postat av: Susann

Om du känner dig ensam så vet du mitt nr... det är helt ok att messa ;-) Love you, Julia!

Svar: Ah men taaack! Det ska jag tänka på nästa vecka när jag är ensam igen! ❤️ love you too!

2014-04-28 @ 07:49:36

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