Easter is here - and...

... I love it! 

Easter is the holiday I like the most after Christmas. And being able to celebrate it here in Greece where they celebrate BIG time is amazing! I'm enjoying every minute of it and I sleep 4 hours/night. (And for those of you who knows me well will be in chock now, haha) 

Last night I went to church (!) with Gabriella. We waited for almost 3 hours for the throne of flowers to 'exit' the church. Hundreds of people did the same. And I'm glad we waited, it was beautiful. 

This throne is later carried around town by the military and then later (I didn't follow them all the way) they place it in church. This ceremony takes hours. 

Tonight is the BIG night. We are going to church again and I'll try to get a few pictures of what happens there. 

I'll have an other sleepless night, but who cares? It's Easter and I can sleep an ther weekend :) 

Happy Easter dear friends! 


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