Hopped on a boat

And I ended up here... 

Chalki! What an amazing place. 

Tuesday it was time for me and my colleague (still no names) to hop on a boat and go explore the island next to Rhodes. Or atleast one of them, chalk I is a tiny island, with only 370 inhabitants. This made us think, are all of them family or where do they find someone to marry, forgot to ask the guide but I have to try to remember to do that. Anyhow, chalki is such an amazing place! I wanna move there. So calm, not thousands and thousands of tourist (not that I don't like tourists but the amount on chalki was perfect), the ocean was WARM so I took the first dip for this year, it wasn't too warm and the people were nice. 

Here's the proof! 

Chalki has an amazing tiny (of course) church with a clock tower that reminds of the one in Symi (the island I'm going to next week. 

Before we went there an other guide told me that we had to eat a special pastry from Chalki. I can't remember the name but it was filodouhg with vanillacream in between. I'm glad I tried it but it wasn't that good.. Above you can see the bakery that sells this pastry. And under is a picture of what it looks like.  

I wish I could bring all of you there so you could see it with your own eyes. Until then you can enjoy Chalki thru my photos :) 

After a looong day I had to lay down a little before the boat brought us back to Rhodes again. 

Postat av: Stefan

Nice place. We must go there in September

Svar: Mm, vi drar med hela gänget så åker jag med som er guide! :)

2014-05-26 @ 09:56:11
Postat av: victoria


2014-06-04 @ 12:23:22

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