THE beach

Compared to all the other times I've lived close to the beach in a warm country this is the first time I'm actually enjoying it a hundred percent and I go to the beach and spend hours there. (And I'm pretty sure I'm the only guide here that goes to the beach as soon as you get more than two hours off from work) 

Today I tried a new beach, and I found my place, THE beach. It is amazing! It's called agia marina and it's a small place with fifty sunbeds maybe :) 

I have one word, amazing! 

While I spent my day off on the beach I had to tell two Greek boys (kids) that they can't throw sand on my, the first time I told the in a nice tone, the second time also (believe it or not) BUT the third time I got crazy. Their mum say right next to me and she didn't do anything! Oh my! I think everybody at the beach was looking at me, but I don't care. They stopped and that's all I wanted :) I also had to save a baby from drowning. He's parents just let him play and they drank beer. This little boy was 2-3 years old and he fell in the water and couldn't get up and the parents didn't see him. I'm glad I did! 

Postat av: Stefan

Måste jag kolla i september

2014-06-22 @ 20:26:24

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