Homesick as never before

I've told you about this before. But it reached new levels. I know I've always said that if you go out do things and just stop thinking about home you won't be homesick. But I am, and I can't do a thing bout it. And that drives me crazy. The worst thing is that it only gets worse for every day... 

But I think I've realized why I'm homesick. Greece is first of all a lot like home, except the heat. I can find almost any Swedish things I miss, except the ones I miss the most. My friends and family! It's been a hard time since I got here, I haven't made any close friends that I can hang out with like I do at home. And I think this is the reason I miss Sweden so badly. 

Also, one other thing hit me yesterday. While I was following a friend of mine finishing an iron man in Idaho, USA. Which was an awesome experience for me. I don't know what to say, I'm
Impressed. Congrats! I miss swimming, and I miss all the hours I spent by the pool with my boys. And not just. This I miss the atmosfear at the pool where I used to work, I miss my friends from there and I miss all the laughs. 

A blogger wrote about being homesick a while ago, sorry about this but it'll be in Swedish. 

Känn och våga känn, gråt, ring någon där hemma - men glöm inte att gå ut igen och hitta på saker. Fånga landet du är i, knyt vänskapsband och kontakter, lär dig allt du kan. Hemma finns kvar när du är redo för det. 

With those words (use google translate if you don't speak Swedish ;)) I'm gonna fight for this summer to be not the best because it's hard to beat the one in Seattle but for it to be a good one. Thanks Jennifer! 


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