New day and new possibilities

Yesterday's post wasn't very happy, sorry about that. 

For all of you that texted me last night, first of all thanks. I love you guys! But dont worry, I'm always fine and you know I won't give up. I'm almost half way thru my summer here and I'm not going home before October! Greece is too amazing for me to leave a place like this, and one of you told me last night that it'll all be the same when I go home so why are you not just enjoying Rhodes while you can? And that's exactly what I'll try to do. And what I've tried to do since I got here too. 

Today is a nice day, the thermometer shows +35 C, 95 F, and  just packed my bag to go to the beach. 

Postat av: Stefan

Njut av livet där nere.Du är snart hemma och där väntar vintern runt hörnet.

2014-07-02 @ 06:55:57

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