Dreams - big and small 

I have a few dreams that I want to fulfill before I one day can't travel anymore. (The most of my dreams are connected with going to another country/place). I have a Bucket list on my wall (and this always go with me when I move somewhere else) for me to be able to read what's next. Why I'm saving as much money as I can. 

Some of them are smaller and some of them are bigger. And some is scary and some is not so scary. IF I will be able to do all those things I don't know - but I'll definitely do my best! 

Next on the list is learn to do a handstand - might be one of the simple ones but it's still a little dangerous. I've started to practice at home against a wall and I'll get there without the wall one day, I know I will, but it has to take the time it needs :) this is I guess one of the small ones. And the next big one I think is going to South America, which includes several of the things on my bucket list, when and for how long this trip will be is not more than a dream. Hopefully it will be my next long trip, so in January I hope I've saved enough to go for a couple of months. I won't be able to do all South America in on trip, but parts of it. 

One of my closest friends sent me a very good quote the other day. Something I wanna share with you. 

"For every argument you make, I can make a logical counter agreement but at the end of the day it comes down to one thing: what makes you happy? If you really want to travel, go travel. Life will work itself out. You can always go home if you don’t like it. We are only here in this form once, why not live the life you want and do what brings you joy? 
When you do that, the whole world belongs to you."


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